Fuel Moto EZ Quick Install Pushrod Installation & Adjustment H-D M8 & Twin Cam engines

Fuel Moto “EZ” Quick Install pushrods are engineered for easy use along with maximum strength and durability, allowing users to easily swap cams without removing the fuel tank or disassembling the top end. They are designed for use with the stock pushrod tubes; the length of the pushrod body, the locknut location, and adjuster allow for easy adjustment without any special tools. These pushrods fit 1999-current Twin Cam and Milwaukee-Eight engines.

Installation & Adjustment

Step 1) Disassemble pushrod tubes. Remove stock pushrods by cutting with bolt cutter.  Rotate engine to top dead center on the compression stroke for each cylinder when cutting the pushrods, this puts both lifters on the base circle of the cam lobe. When both timing marks on the crank and cam sprockets are lined up that would be TDC for the compression stroke for the rear cylinder. If you rotate the crank one complete revolution so the cam sprocket timing mark face 180 degrees from each other that would be TDC for the compression stroke for the front cylinder.

Step 2) Install FM EZ pushrods & factory tubes. You will install & adjust pushrods one at a time using the same technique stated above for finding TDC on the compression stroke. When you are on the compression stroke you can adjust the pushrod using the following procedure:

Extend the pushrod to zero lash making sure the end of the pushrod is properly seated in the rocker arm. There should not be any up and down play in the pushrod. You will want to be careful if you are using new lifters as it can be easy to start preloading the lifter without realizing it. Once zero lash is achieved adjust the pushrod per lifter manufacturers specs and the tighten the jam nut. (Wood Performance, S&S and OEM lifters approx. 3.5 turns) Let the lifter bleed down; it is imperative that lifters have bled down before the engine is rotated otherwise valve to valve contact & cylinder head damage can occur. The pushrods will rotate easily with your fingers when the lifters have bled down, this typically takes 20-30 minutes. Once the lifters are bled the engine can be rotated and you can install the pushrods for the other cylinder.


Quick Tips:

  • Be sure to replace pushrod tube o-rings when installing new pushrods
  • make sure you wait sufficient time for lifters to bleed down before rotating engine

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