General Info – Dynojet Power Vision PV-3B 2021 Harley Davidson

General information & tips for Dynojet PV-3B for 2021 Harley Davidson models 

  • all PV-3B applications require updated firmware & tune database, unique to PV-3B
  • any earlier PV devices can be used on 2021 models. They require firmware & tune database updates, new OBD style cable, and tune license
  • PV-3B units purchased from Fuel Moto include all of the latest updates and come ready to install


The following tune parameters are edited/configured in Fuel Moto PV-3B tunes include but are not limited to:

  • Speed & Throttle limiters removed
  • VE, Fuel, & Spark tables configured
  • Throttle by wire tables optimized
  • Closed loop operation optimized
  • Engine rev limiter raised to safe limit
  • Torque model/settings developed on RDRS models
  • enhanced spark/temp correction
  • Extensive configuration of tune settings & advanced tables


Fuel Moto offers tunes for 2021 models. We already have a strong database of calibrations which includes Stock Improved, Stage 1, & Stage 2 maps. We expect to have big bore maps ready 11/01/2021. We own an assortment of 2021 bikes in-house and will continue to develop new tunes as we go forward. You can access Fuel Moto tunes for your 2021 bike three ways:


All PV-3B applications require new 3.x firmware. You cannot use the original PV Update Client, you must download the new PV Update Client here>>
all PV-3B devices purchased from Fuel Moto ship with the latest updates already installed. Important note: if you will be using your PV device to tune both 2021 models as well as 2020-earlier bikes, you will need to switch between versions of firmware to allow functionality


All PV-3B applications will require the latest WinPV 3.x software available here>>
This software will also work with 2020-earlier bikes.


  • 2021 tunes are quite a bit different than 2020-earlier. Some values/tables are expressed differently, some features are different, and there are functions that operate differently. Dynojet has done a great job normalizing the tuning tables & functionality to keep things familiar
  • We are currently working on the torque modeling and associated tuning functions that run in the background for big bore, high horsepower applications. We expect to have these base tunes ready approx 11/1/2021. In the meantime do not expect the ability to take a Stage 1/Stage 2 map and tune a high output application as these tunes, throttle limiting and other anomalies may occur.


Dynojet Power Vision PV-3B
Power Vision Tune license
PV-3B data cable