H-D Milwaukee 8 Lifter Tappet Cuff bolt removal tips

We get a lot of customers asking about potential issues when removing the bolts that retain the factory plastic lifter cuffs on Milwaukee 8 engines. It is very common to replace these cuffs with aftermarket billet cuffs like the ones offered from S&S Cycle. Unfortunately there is an overabundance of loctite on these bolts and some (including ourselves) have broke the bolts off in the engine case; Ugh!

Fortunately we’ve found an effective, easy step which has eliminated the issues we were encountering. Once we have the cam chest disassembled we use a heat gun to heat the engine case from the inner camchest side (as shown in the image below), it only takes about 5 minutes of heat and the bolt’s screw out with ease.

Not revolutionary or rocket science by any means, just a quick tip that may save on some headaches.