H-D Twin Cam 103 camshaft shootout

In this shootout we tested an assortment of bolt in camshafts from various manufacturers in the Harley Davidson Twin Cam 103 engine. Our test bike was a 2012 Dyna Switchback equipped with a FM AC/DC Stage 1 air cleaner, E-Series 2/1 exhaust, and each set of cams was fully tuned with a Dynojet Power Vision in the Fuel Moto Dynojet 250i dynamometer test cell.

Here is the list of the cams tested in this shootout:

Each of the camshafts in our test offered measurable performance increases over the stock camshafts and each set of cams has a bit of its own personality. We would welcome you to contact one of our technicians at 920-423-3309 Mon-Fri between 9-5 CST to assist in finding the best camshaft to fit your particular riding style and performance needs.

Baseline – 79.69Hp/98.42Tq

Andrews 48H – 94.60hp/112.13Tq

What Andrews says: “broad tip cams for baggers with stock motors; max torque at low and mid rpm ranges”

Fuel Moto’s take: a very strong cam for low RPM-mid range performance, great low end punch. Works great in the stock 96/103 engines.

Andrews 57H – 95.87HP/109.09Tq

What Andrews says: “Bolt-in broad tip cams; 96 in., 103 in. limited and 110 in. CVO engines, Cams work best at rpm range of 2200-5600”

Fuel Moto’s take: not as strong as the 48H and some of the others in the lower RPM’s, however it comes on quite good in the mid RPM’s and carries out well to the upper RPM’s

Cycle-Rama CR 570-2 – 94.43Hp/111.19Tq

What Cycle-Rama says: “bolt in cam, maximum torque”

Fuel Moto’s take: great cam for low-mid power yet very broad, builds torque very early and has great response. Easy to tune as well.

Cycle-Rama 575 – 93.70Hp/108.91Tq

What Cycle-Rama says: “bolt on cam, wide power, works in stock & modified engines”

Fuel Moto’s take: not quite as strong as the 570-2 however it still makes significantly more HP/TQ than stock on both sides of the curve. Would like to see this cam with a bit more compression and let it shine.

Feuling 525 – 95.31Hp/106.43Tq

What Feuling says: “designed to increase torque band width and increase fuel economy, Produces strong low and mid range power with a linear horsepower and torque curve”

Fuel Moto’s take: It’s a makes wide power with measurable overall gains, very linear power curve.

Feuling 543 – 96.47Hp/108.43Tq

What Feuling says: “more top end power than our 525 cam without sacrificing low end torque,  smoothest cruise power band available. This cam is easy starting, increases throttle response and fuel mileage”

Fuel Moto’s take: not quite as strong down low as the 525 however it comes on strong in the mid RPM’s and carries the horsepower out really well. Very responsive in the 3000-4500 RPM range

Feuling 574 – 97.50Hp/107.29Tq

What Fueling says: “Wicked power band for modified engines and an excellent bolt in for stock 96, 103, & 110 engines. This is a great all around camshaft with solid low end performance and mind blowing mid and top end power.”

Fuel Moto’s take:  hot rod cam that makes great horsepower on the right side of the curve, yet strong mid-RPM hit. Still maintains reasonable low RPM performance.

Red Shift 525 – 85.79Hp/109.68Tq

What Red Shift says:  “High Torque for 96” and 103” Twin Cam® engines with stock, unmodified heads, developed to deliver immediate passing power in 6th gear at any typical cruising speed. Power starts before 2000 RPM”

Fuel Moto’s take: these cams build big power early, designed for max power in the low RPM’s. Very snappy off idle, not overly rev happy but it doesnt need to be. Great cam for those what want strong early power.

Red Shift 527 – 93.56Hp/110.56Tq

What Red Shift says: “High-Torque design developed as a bolt-in cam for 96” to 110” O.E. engines. Delivers smooth and impressive Torque and Horsepower. Designed to get your motorcycle moving quicker in the areas you ride the most. Power starts at 2250 RPM”

Fuel Moto’s take: runs well from the lower RPM’s, great mid range power, and runs thru the upper RPM’s really well. Great cam with broad power.

Red Shift 575 – 94.46Hp/110.17Tq

What Red Shift says:  “maximum valve train acceleration, which gives the rider a very free-revving experience that begs for more throttle. This is a great cam if you need a bolt-in now, but plan on upgrading the heads and compression in the future. However this cam is most impressive when used with high flowing heads”

Fuel Moto’s take: Another hot rod cam that rev’s very well, comes on strong thru the middle and hangs on the power to the limiter. We really like the way the power ramps up. Don’t be afraid to rev this one.

Screamin Eagle SE-255 – 89.29Hp/108.11Tq

What H-D says: “the ultimate in torque cams, low end torque increases are great for heavy bikes or for the person that routinely shifts below 4500 RPM”

Fuel Moto’s take: improved horsepower & torque over the stock cams, good low RPM punch, nice overall curve.

S&S 551 – 88.54Hp/111.93Tq

What S&S says:  “bolt-in cam set designed for stock or mildly modified touring bikes. 551 cams are not recommended for compression ratios of 10:1 or greater. Greatly improves low-end and midrange torque, strongest from idle-4000rpm”

Fuel Moto’s take: very strong low RPM power that carries well thru the mid range, strong throttle response. Great choice for heavy touring bikes looking for early power.

S&S 570 – 98.74Hp/109.95Tq

What S&S says: “this cam will provide a nice power increase across the entire power band. 3200-5700 rpm. Excellent bolt-in for overall power on a 103”

Fuel Moto’s take: revs excellent, hits hard in the mid range and carries all the way to the limiter. Great horsepower, very flexible in a lot of applications.

S&S 583 – 90.97Hp/110.48Tq

What S&S says: “this cam makes horsepower and torque that you can feel all the way through the rpm range, making the most power right where you need it:1500–5000 rpm”

Fuel Moto’s take: fantastic early torque with broad power, very quick in the low-mid RPM’s. Not a horsepower king but it really shines from 1500-4000 RPM. Excellent curve

S&S 585 – 97.37Hp/108.05Tq

What S&S says: Provides massive horsepower and torque increases starting at 3000 rpm and holds steady all the way to redline. 3500-6000 rpm for 88″ – 103″ engines

Fuel Moto’s take: hot rod cam that’s a bit soft on the bottom with stock compression, comes on strong at 3000 RPM and runs to the upper RPM’s well. You’re gonna need to rev this cam, it really wants higher compression.

S&S MR103 – 97.03Hp/112.72Tq

What S&S says: “for the rider who wants more of everything without giving up low end torque for high rpm horsepower, or vice versa. More power all across the wide power band, from idle to red line.”

Fuel Moto’s take: very strong horsepower & torque, great overall balance for riders looking for linear power gains. Excellent curve.

Wood Performance TW-222 – 96.87Hp/111.89Tq

What Wood Performance says: “Hold on tight, super low-mid range & runs like hell on top”

Fuel Moto’s take: very smooth delivery, accelerates fast, builds power early and stays in there really well. Easy to tune.

Wood Performance TW-555 – 97.53Hp/112.68tq

What Wood Performance says: “Ultra High Performance for your 96″,103″ & 110″ Street or Touring bike”

Fuel Moto’s take: makes very broad power, especially strong mid range, rev’s out really well with strong horsepower. Wide overall power curve.

Wood Performance TW-777 – 99.08Hp/112.52Tq

What Wood Performance says: “Hot 555 on Steroids”  Street or Touring bike”

Fuel Moto’s take: super flexible cam, builds power hard and carries out to the upper RPM’s. Great overall combination of horsepower & torque. Big numbers on both sides.

Wood TW-999-6a – 101.35Hp/112.72Tq

What Wood Performance says:  “Special Grind, For those that want to be #1, Awesome Sound, 3000 RPM & up, Also loves compression”

Fuel Moto’s take: everything we like in a hot rod cam; big horsepower, it ramps up & hits hard, and has a strong idle. Don’t lug this one, rev it and smile.