H-D Twin Cam camshaft installation instructions

Performing a cam swap on a 2007-later Twin Cam motor is very straight forward. Here is some basic information and pictures from a cam swap on a 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. Please refer to your service manual for specific instructions for each model

You will start by removing the exhaust system and RH floorboard. Remove cam cover, put the bike on stand, remove the spark plugs, put the bike in 5th gear and rotate the rear wheel until the timing marks on the sprockets line up


If using “Quick Install” style pushrods, carefully remove stock pushrods with bolt cutters

We use clips to hold the lifters in place which will prevent them from dropping in the motor once the cam plate is removed

Remove the cam chain tension shoe, crankshaft sprocket bolt and rear cam sprocket retaining bolt, You can now unbolt the cam support and remove from motor.

With the cam support plate now removed from the engine you can now remove the inner cam chain tensioner assembly and swap the old cams with your replacements. Make sure to align the timing marks on the cams

Replace inner cam bearings  and install the cam plate into the engine. Note: if you have not removed or serviced the oil pump from the cam plate you can simply re-install the camplate, however if you have removed or replaced the oil pump it will need to be aligned. To do so leave the oil pump retaining bolts about a quarter turn loose, put the transmission into 5th gear and rotate the engine to align/center the pump. Align timing marks and torque retaining bolts in the correct sequence as listed in manual.

Install push rods adjust to the shortest length rocker arm end first. Rotate motor so pushrod is on the base circle and adjust pushrod to zero lash. Adjust pushrod per manufacturer’s specs and tighten jam nut (generally 2.5-4 turns depending on thread pitch). Wait for lifter to bleed down and repeat for each pushrod. Install pushrod tube covers. For instructions on Fuel Moto pushrods click here

Reinstall outer cam cover. Install exhaust system and floorboard.


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