How to: Load the fuel map from your computer & send to Power Vision device

The following will instruct you on loading a Dynojet Power Vision tune (.pvt) from a computer to your Dynojet Power Vision PV-1B, PV-2B, or PV-3B device.

  • You will need a Windows computer, a USB cable, and the Dynojet WinPV software. You can download the software from the Dynojet website here.


  • Save the tune to your computer. If Fuel Moto has emailed you a tune, you will open the email> click on the attachment> select “Save As”> and save it to your desktop.



  • Once the map is saved, open the Dynojet WinPV software> Select Open> choose Desktop> select the tune you just saved> select Open. The tune will now be open in the software.



  • Connect the Power Vision to your computer via USB. The screen on the Power Vision will display “PC Link Mode Active”. You will send the tune from the software to your Power Vision by selecting “Send Tune”. This will bring up a dialog box allowing you to select a tune slot in the Tune Manager, choose a slot and hit OK. The tune will then be sent to the Power Vision. You can unplug the device from your computer, connect the Power Vision to your motorcycle, and flash the tune to your ECM.



You can also reference the video below. NOTE: this video is a few years old, you will need to download the WinPV software from the Dynojet website first.