How To: Transfer a License From a Dynojet PV4 to Power Vision (PV-1B, PV-2B, PV-3B) or PV3

In some cases when tuning Dynojet PV4 equipped bikes (such as on a Dynojet dyno) it may be desirable to use the original Power Vision (touchscreen model) or PV3. These devices have more powerful software integration when it comes to dyno tuning than the app based PV4. Most dyno tuners will prefer using this toolset since the PV/PV3 use traditional and familiar tuning methods. If you already have a PV4 married to your bike, transferring the license to another device is free and easy. You will also still be able to use your PV4 afterward as normal. Follow the steps below to transfer the license on your PV4 to either a Power Vision or a PV3.

If you are transferring a PV4 license from a vehicle in which you have already married with your PV4 (or any additional vehicles you have licensed with your PV4) you will Share Tune License from your Dynojet account. This is quick & easy using the Dynojet PV4 app; from the License Manager select Share License for the appropriate vehicle and enter the email address where you would like to share it. The recipient will receive a link to access and download the license, from there it’s as simple as dropping the license to the Power Vision device you want to use for tuning. Note, this process in only necessary if you are transferring licenses from one Dynojet account to another, any and all licenses within your own Dynojet account can be easily retrieved in the Power Core software (as shown further down in this page)

So, to simplify here are the steps to send someone your tune PV4 tune license

  • Open the PV4 mobile app and go to the License Manager
  • Select Share License, choose vehicle, enter appropriate email> Send

Your recipient will;

  • Open email link, choose which PV device (Power Vision Classic or PV3), save license file
  • Open Power Core software, go to Power Vision License Manager>License>Install from File>select saved license
  • they are now ready to start tuning with their Dynojet Power Vision product of choice

See screenshots below:



To lookup a Power Vision license from your own Dynojet account

Any tune licenses & vehicles you have saved are stored in your Dynojet cloud account. Licenses can be easily retrived regardless of which Power Vision device you’re transferring the license to. You can access and retrieve any license thru the Dynojet Power Core Software Suite on a Windows computer. You can navigate to this page: and select Power Core Software Download as seen below:


Open Power Core when it’s finished installing, then select “C3 Tuning” in the application launcher:


Select “Tools” > “Power Vision Licensing”:

NOTE: you will likely be prompted to log-in at this time. Make sure you have your Dynojet account email and password ready so you can access your cloud account.


To transfer a PV4 license to a Power Vision touchscreen model (PV-1B, PV-2B, PV-3B)

Select “Classic Devices”:


Select “License” > “Browse Existing Licenses”:


Select the license you wish to transfer. If you have more than one bike licensed on your Dynojet account, you can find the corresponding license by ECU serial number or VIN. Once you’ve found it, press “Download”:


To apply the license to your Power Vision Black Series instantly, connect the Power Vision to your computer and select “Install to PV”:

NOTE: you can press “Save to File” if you wish to save the license as a TXT file. You will need to save this TXT file if you wish to provide the file for someone such as a shop tuning your bike. You would also select “Save to File” if you do not have your Power Vision.

To transfer a PV4 license to a PV3

Select “New Devices”:

Plug the PV3 device you’re transferring the license to into the computer > select “Existing Licenses” > select the license you wish to transfer (if you have more than one bike licensed on your Dynojet account, you can find the corresponding license by ECU serial number or VIN) > press “Save License”:

NOTE: the tune license will be saved directly to your PV3 automatically if the unit is plugged in. You should get a “License Saved” message. If you do not have the PV3 or you need the license for later, you can save it to an easy to access location on your computer. It will save as an LIC file.