How to update your Dynojet PV3 device after dealer ECU flash/update

This article will explain how to update your Dynojet PV3 if your ECU has been updated by the dealer. In many cases any ECU updates that are done by the dealer will cause the PV3 device to no longer function, these updates & patches may be automatically applied when the dealer connects your bike to the Digital Wrench.

If you determine your PV3 no longer functions (gauges will not display live data, cannot flash tunes, etc..) You will need to update your PV3 device using the following procedure:

  1. Reformat your PV3 device. From the Main Menu on your PV3 go to Device Tools> Reformat Disk> press the center left button to reformat.
  2. Update the firmware in your PV device. There are several different ways to do this. The easiest way is to plug in your PV3 via USB to your computer, go to Dynojet PV3 downloads and download the appropriate firmware for your application directly to the PV3 device. Then on your device go to Device Tools> Update Device and run the firmware file you just downloaded. Here is a video that will walk you thru each way of downloading and updating PV3 firmware.
  3. Once you have update your PV3 you will then need to do a new ECU read. To do so you will plug the PV3 into the data port on your bike, turn on the ignition & handlebar run switch, go to Vehicle Tools> Read ECU. The PV3 will then read your ECU and will store a copy of this new .STK file on your device, it will also generate a new PVINFO.txt file as well.
  4. Request new tune from Fuel Moto or download new Dynojet tune. If you have purchased the PV3 from Fuel Moto and want a new FM tune you can request a new tune from the Fuel Map link >here< You will need to supply your .STK and PVINFO.txt files and we can generate a new tune. There are full instructions on requesting & downloading the FM tune >here< You can also download tunes from the Dynojet website
  5. Once the new tune is downloaded to your PV3 you can connect to the data port on your machine, turn the ignition & run switch on, navigate to Flash Tune and choose the PV3 tune (.DJT) you want to flash.