How to: Use the H-D Screamin Eagle Smart Tune Pro® with Dynojet Power Vision

Fuel Moto is able to configure Dynojet Power Vision tunes to work with the H-D Screamin Eagle Smart Tune Pro®  kit which uses 18mm wideband O2 sensors. This requires a special tune similar to Dynojet Target Tune to incorporate the wideband O2’s for closed loop fuel control over the entire AF table to the targets you want; from idle to full throttle operation. This also offers users the ability to use the Dynojet Auto Tune application on the Power Vision device, you can monitor/log live AFR, and the tunes offer a wide range of benefits over the SE tunes; speed & rev limiters raised or removed, access to extensive tables for fuel, timing, throttle by wire, etc..  Fuel Moto offers support utilizing SE Smart Tune Pro®, if you have purchased a Dynojet Power Vision from Fuel Moto you can request a tune from the Fuel Map form on our website (be sure to clearly state you have Smart Tune Pro®, or if you are purchasing a Power Vision from Fuel Moto note you have the Smart Tune Pro® when you order and we will ship with the appropriate tune. Note: Smart Tune Pro support may not be available for all vehicle models or engine configurations.

We do not guarantee Smart Tune Pro compatibility with 2021+ models. If you purchase a Power Vision for a 2021-newer bike with Smart Tune Pro installed, you need to send us a copy of your stock calibration with Smart Tune Pro enabled before we can supply a custom tune.

See the video below for more info: