Inner Cam Bearing Removal & Install using Fuel Moto tool

The following information and video demonstrates inner cam bearing removal & installation using the Fuel Moto supplied tool.



Inner Cam Bearing Removal

1) lubricate threads with assembly lube and thread collet into base plate, leave approx. 1.25″ of the threads showing thru the outlet side of the base plate.
2) hold the base plate window side up and position collet on inner cam bearing, use a rubber mallet to gently tap the collet thru the bearing. You will hear the collet click when in place. Tighten the collet by hand and allow the base plate to align with the engine case. Install & tighten the 4 thumb screws
3) insert the T pin thru the collet to lock it in place with the bearing
4) extract the bearing from the engine case by gently turning the collet counter-clockwise
(if you have a Twin Cam engine repeat for second bearing)

Inner Cam Bearing Installation

1) remove T pin from collet, unthread collet from base plate.
2) **IMPORTANT STEP** Install old cam bearing on the outside of the collet. This will prevent the collet from spreading when pressing in the new bearing. Failure to do so may damage the collet.
3) apply small amount of assembly lube and install bearing driver into collet, you may need to tap the driver in with a rubber mallet. *NOTE* don’t forget step 2 above!
4) thread the collet into base plate until approx. 2.750″ of the threads are showing thru the outlet side of the base plate
5) install the cam bearing on the bearing driver, rounded side of the bearing faces away from the tool towards the  engine case. Use a small amount of lubricant on the outside of the bearing.
6) align base place, collet, and bearing driver w/bearing to the engine case and install the 4 thumb screws
7) carefully turn collet clockwise until the bearing driver touches the engine case. Bearing is then set to the correct depth below case surface.
(if you have a Twin Cam engine repeat for second bearing)

See Step 2 for bearing installation
do not use an impact gun or power tools with this tool
use assembly lube on threads and thrust surfaces