Logging data with Dynojet PV-CX

The first step is to make sure your PVCX is updated to the newest firmware. (requires 2.2 or higher). There is a helpful video on checking & updating your firmware below:
Once you have verified you have the proper firmware and you have a Power Vision CX tune (.djt) flashed to your bike you can start the logging process noted below. Note: you cannot log the factory (.stk) tune, the ECU MUST BE FLASHED WITH A .DJT TUNE. Also note: due to the PV-CX memory and how it communicates with the ECU’s databus logs are limited to 12-15 minutes in most applications. 
OK, now that you have flashed your ECM with the appropriate PV-CX tune (.djt) it is time to take logs. The PV-CX will need to be plugged in to your bike during this process and the bike needs to be running. The logging process is initiated using the middle button on the main screen. To start a log session, with the machine fully warmed up & running, press the Middle Button. While logging the green LED will be lit and the screen will display “recording”. To stop your log simply press the Middle Button and it will end your log. Again note you will want to keep your logs within 12-15 minutes. The logs are .CXL files and they are labeled in sequence.   

Note: Make sure the green LED light is let and the PVCX displays RECORDING.
Here is the procedure we like to follow when recording logs:
Drive the machine normally idle through 4k RPM with varying load. Data is best populated when in steady state, try to avoid aggressive throttle movements. Here are some tips for street tuning that many find helpful. 
  • Make shift changes that will change the RPM and load.
  • Go up and down hills.
  • Start off in 2nd gear. 
  • Select a higher gear and apply rear brake (without locking the rear wheel) to place load on the engine.  Try to maintain engine speed as you apply the brake.  Do this at several RPM levels so you have a good RPM versus Load hit map.
There is no sense in going WOT because we are not able to adjust those levels with narrowbands.
There are two ways to end the Recording.  Either press the Middle Button or allow the recording to end automatically.  On version 2.3 this is approximately 17-minutes.  When logging is stopped, the PVCX will display the Log file and it has been recorded.

Note: The PVCX will auto increment the file name, LOG01.CXL, LOG02.CXL, etc.

We generally recommend at least three, 12-15 minute logs of mixed riding. This will give us a snapshot specifically on the state of tune, engine temp, etc.. If you are seeking a map revision or are having an issue your logs can be submitted thru the Fuel Map support link
Logs can be retrieved & saved thru Windows Exporer, they are .CXL files and they are labeled in sequence. Logs can be viewed within the Dynojet Power Core software
source: Dynojet Research
C. Bennett
Jamie Long – Fuel Moto USA