How to update firmware & WinPv software Power Vision Update Client PV-1 PV-2

Power Vision PV-1(B) PV-2(B)  Firmware, WinPV, & Tune Database Update Instructions

  1. Plug your Power Vision device into your computer via USB, you should see the ‘PC Link Mode Active’ message on the screen as seen in the following picture:


2. Open the PVUpdateClient which is installed with the Dynojet WinPv software, this can be downloaded here. Once downloaded you can find the PVUpdateClient under C:>Program Files (X86)>Power Vision>PVUpdateClient or you can simply click the Windows icon in the lower left and select Search> PV Update Client. This client will allow you to perform any available updates, it will display Installed and Latest versions. Apply each available update; Tune Database, PV Firmware, and WinPV software. Its extremely important that all updates are applied to allow everything to work together. NOTE: all PV tunes now require everything to be updated or you will not be able to open them. You will get the error “Unsupported PV file version” Please Update! Update! Update!