Requesting a Dynojet PV-3 PV-CX tune & loading it to the device

Dynojet PV-3 and PV-CX equipped machines require a unique process for requesting tunes compared to other Dynojet tuning devices; with PV-3 and PV-CX users must first supply files from your specific machine so the tune can be generated using the following procedure.

  1. Plug Power Vision into data port (see included Quick Start Guide for location on your specific vehicle)
  2. Use left center button to navigate to MAIN MENU. Select READ ECU, this will read & save the current calibration in your ECU.
  3. Once the ECU read has completed, turn off the main ignition switch and disconnect the Power Vision. (Note: this step takes several minutes and your ignition switch will automatically stay powered on by the PV)
  4. Connect the Power Vision to your computer with the provided USB cable.
  5. To request the Fuel Moto tune you will go to our Fuel Map Request form, this can be found by navigating the Fuel Map link on the homepage of the Fuel Moto website or by clicking here. You will then fill out each of the required fields and upload the PV_INFO.txt and .STK (original ECU read) files to this form and submit your request. These files can be uploaded directly from your PV device.

Once your tune request is processed by Fuel Moto and a tune is generated you will then receive an email with the appropriate tune for your application; this is a .DJT file. This tune file can be loaded to your PV device several ways:

  • Save directly to your Power Vision device from email.  Connect to your PV via USB, download/save the .DJT tune file from your email directly to the location> POWERVISION
  • Send from a Windows computer. Save the .DJT file from your email to the location of your choice (commonly the desktop). Connect to your PV via USB> right click on the .DJT tune file>Send To>POWERVISION
  • Drag & Drop tune to Power Vision. If you have saved the tune to your computer you can simply drag & drop the file to the location>POWERVISION

Once the tune is on your device you are ready to flash your ECU.