Updating a current .djt tune file for Power Vision PV-3

If you have purchased a Dynojet Power Vision 3 (PV-3) and want to use a current Fuel Moto or Dynojet tune (.djt) it will need to be updated using the following procedure before sending to your PV-3 device (Windows computer required). Please see the following steps, if this is not followed an error code 419 will result and you will not be able to flash your tune.

  1. download Dynojet Power Core software here  (requires 1.12.5 or later)
  2. save .djt tune file that was either downloaded from www.dynojetpowervision.com or emailed to you from Fuel Moto. It is recommended to save this file to your desktop. You will also need to save a copy of your original ECU read .stk in this same location.
  3. Open Power Core software suite and select C3 tuning software. In the upper left corner select “Open”, browse the location where you saved the tune and select the tune file (.djt)
  4. Once the tune is opened in C3 it will install the appropriate tune definitions and update the tune.  Select “Save” and it will save the updated tune.
  5. Close out of Power Core software, connect PV-3 to USB, right click on tune file and Send Tune > Dynojet Power Vision. You can also drag & drop the .djt tune file to the device as well.

You can now flash the tune to your ECU