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Power Vision CX for Harley Davidson


The Dynojet Power Vision CX is now being offered exclusively from Fuel Moto for Harley Davidson starting with 2017-2018 Touring & Softail Milwaukee Eight models, additional H-D applications will be added as we move forward. Fuel Moto MSRP is $349.99 units are in stock and shipping. 

Power Vision CX is a powerful flashed based EFI tuning product that interfaces with the H-D Delphi CANbus ECM. It allows for comprehensive tuning as well as data logging of the ECU. Power Vision CX is also fully compatible with Dynojet Target Tune which allows for closed loop fuel control via wideband O2 sensors. PV-CX uses the Dynojet Power Core software which allows users to make tune edits, analyze logs, and much more. The PV-CX device reads & flashes tunes, it has various screens for monitoring live engine data, you can read & clear trouble codes, reset fuel trims, and you can log data from the ECM's CANbus. PV-CX does not have Auto Tune Basic on the device, it uses log files to create tune corrections using the factory O2 sensors, a Dynojet wideband device, or both.

Like the popular Dynojet Power Vision PV-1 & PV-2 platform PV-CX has extensive tune definitions, most tunes have 80+ fully adjustable tune parameters. Everything from VE, fuel, & spark to torque & rev limits, speedometer calibration, and much more. Fuel Moto has an extensive tune library and we can easily convert existing Power Vision .pvt's to PV-CX .djt tune files. The PV-CX reads & saves the stock tune from your motorcycle and it can be quickly restored at any time.  


PV-CX has internal memory and supports data logging to either the PV-CX device or thru the Dynojet Power Core software. Individuals and dyno tuners alike will find PV-CX especially valuable for tuning as it sync's right into the Power Core software. There are also powerful utilities such as Tune Lab which automatically generates tune corrections using either the factory O2 sensors, wideband sensors (from Target Tune or any Dynojet wideband source), or both sets of sensors. You can view live histograms with tracer cell as you tune and even write your own scripts & tune correction equations. This is epecially powerful for dyno tuners using a Dynojet dyno with Winpep 8 and Dynoware RT. 


For more info on PV-CX or to order Fuel Moto can be contacted at 920-423-3309 or check the Fuel Moto PV-CX page on our website. 

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