Engine Break in myths & truths



Engine Break In Myth: You need to ride 500-1000 miles before you dyno tune your fresh engine or big bore kit.

Fuel Moto response: Absolutely Not! in fact nothing is worse for your engine that driving around an un-tuned engine, especially for an extended period. If you hear this someone is telling you the air/fuel mixture and ignition timing is not important when the motor is new! We’ve been tuning motors the same day we build them for many years with exceptional results, here are some tips. On a new engine build we recommend starting with the appropriate base tune and doing three full heat cycles from ambient to full operating temp, while the motor is idling pay close attention and attend to any abnormal sounds or oil leaks. We then recommend taking the bike for a short drive (or running the bike on the dyno at low speed) at light RPM and load and note any areas of the tune that need immediate attention and attend to them straight away. We will then go straight to tuning whether it is on the dyno or on the street. Start with the light load low RPM areas first,  then move to the mid-moderate load regions of the tune. Do not run the motor at higher loads & hi RPM until you have the light-moderate loads areas within reasonable tune first. During the initial tuning process & break in it is extremely important that you do not subject the motor to extreme load and engine temps. Make sure you have the best tuning product for your application and a willingness to learn. Be sure you have a good base map/calibration to start with and use all the resources available, and remember we are here to help. But remember whatever you do DONT wait 500-1000 miles before you tune your new build!