H-D Milwaukee-8 Screamin Eagle® SE-447 & SE-462 cam dyno testing

We recently took some time to test both of H-D’s Screamin Eagle® SE-447 & SE-462 camshafts for the Milwaukee-8 engine for use with stock valve springs, we wanted to do same day, back to back testing to illustrate how they perform to give users an idea of what to expect from these cams with an aftermarket tune & exhaust.

Since the introduction of the Milwaukee-8 engine for 2017 model year we’ve been developing an assortment of  tunes for SE cams and engine kits in various applications & displacements, we also have Power Vision tunes configured for Target Tune and for use with SE Smart Tune Pro®. In this latest test we used a 2020 Road Glide Special 114″ bike with RDRS, it was equipped with a Fuel Moto AD/DC air cleaner, Jackpot 2/1/2 head pipe, and Outlaw mufflers.  Note: the tuning device & exhaust system used in this test are not emissions compliant components and may affect or void your factory warranty.

First test as shown below is the SE-447 cam. H-D offers this cam for enhanced torque in the low-mid RPM’s. The specs on this cam are as follows: Lift .447 IN/.462 EX, Timing IN 0/17, EX 42/5, Duration IN 197/ EX 219. As shown there is a pretty good increase in torque and horsepower over the power levels of the stock cam, the Power Vision tune really helps in this application over the conventional SE tune which is power limited in several factors. 

The second cam we tested is the SE-462, this cam is advertised as H-D’s bolt in cam for improved power in the mid-upper RPM’s and “for those that like to downshift and twist the throttle”. The specs for this cam are Lift .462 IN/.462 EX, Timing IN 7/24, EX 53/2, Duration IN 197/ EX 235. This cam makes a bit more horsepower than the 447 however it does make quite a bit less torque, especially in the lower RPM’s. On thing we noted on this cam was it was noticeably less responsive than the 447 cam as well as the stock cam from idle, and it revs a bit lazy. You’re going to want to keep this cam up in the RPM’s. 

Below you will find an overlay of the SE-447 and SE-462 cam