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Power Vision - Running a Full Recovery

If your Power Vision fails to boot up (Your PV freezes when powered) please follow the steps below to recovery your Power Vision.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will erase all custom tunes, data logs, or gauge configurations back to factory settings.
Power Vision Recovery Instructions
  1. Download the following recovery image and save to your desktop: PV Recovery.
  2. Open the ‘PV Update Client’ utility.
  3. While holding the red button on the front of your Power Vision, connect the USB cable. You should see the following screen on your Power Vision: 
  4. Follow the steps in the following video to complete recovery: PV Recovery.

Power Vision Update Instructions

  1. Open the ‘PV Update Client’ utility (if it is not already open).
  2. Your Power Vision needs to be connected to the computer, and you should see the ‘PC Link Mode Active’ message on the screen as seen in the following picture:
  3. Follow the steps in the following video to update your Power Vision: PV Firmware.
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