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Milwaukee Eight 117 low compression Big Bore

We performed another round of post testing from our M8 cam test. In this test we installed a FM 117 (4.125") big bore kit, however we used a lower compression 10.75:1 piston than our normal kit. This allowed us to use one of the bolt in cam's from our testing. Our test bike has the Wood WM8-222 cam, we used stock heads & throttle body, stock injectors (which are near/at the limit in this example) and the bike was equipped a Jackpot M8 2/1/2 head pipe and S&S MK45 mufflers. Tuning was done with Dynojet Power Vision. Essentially this is the same identical configuration we used with our 107 M8 cam test, the only components that were changed were the pistons & cylinders, we added 10 c.i. and gave it a bump in compression; very impressive results. 





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