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H-D Milwaukee-Eight® 114" Softail Camshaft Shootout


In our second round of Milwaukee 8 cam testing we put the same SIX different bolt in camshafts to the test that were in our H-D Milwaukee Eight 107 cam shootout last month, however for this test we installed them in the Milwaukee Eight 114. Our test bike was a 2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114" Milwaukee Eight and the bike was equipped with a Fuel Moto AC/DC Stage 1 air cleaner, stock head pipes with non-catalyst slip on mufflers, and each cam was fully tuned with the Dynojet Power Vision. The following cams were part of this test:

The first dyno chart below has all six of the camshafts overlaid to show their respective torque and horsepower relative to this particular set of components. All of the camshafts in our test offered excellent performance increases over that of the stock camshaft, most interesting is each cam took on a bit more of its own direction with the larger displacement 114" engine compared to the 107" test. As we started our test we found immediately that the exhaust we originally planned to test with was not up to the standards we were looking for, we spent the first day working on exhaust systems, baffles, and different setup before we came up with a combination that would work for our testing. We also found the stock Ventilator air cleaner was not sufficient, so we replaced it with the Fuel Moto AC/DC Stage 1 (stay tuned for a future M8 air cleaner test). We would welcome you to contact one of our technicians at 920-423-3309 Mon-Fri between 9-5 CST to assist in finding the best camshaft to fit your particular riding style. 




Andrews M460 Camshaft

Valve Train Noise: Very Quiet
Cam Lope at Idle: Moderate
Description: The M460 cam makes broad power that comes on relatively early and pulls well to the upper RPM's as well. Smooth idle. 




Cycle Rama CR-460 Camshaft

Valve Train Noise: Very Quiet
Cam Lope at Idle: Moderate
Description: The Cycle Rama 460 was strong on both HP and Tq, it has a very broad curve and great mid range characteristics. Excellent response.




S&S Cycle 475C Camshaft

Valve Train Noise: Very Quiet
Cam Lope at Idle:  Aggressive
Description: The S&S 475C again made the second best peak HP in our testing, however the 114 torque curve was even better than the 107 test. Idle was not as aggressive as in the 107, likely because of the different exhaust orientation. A great candidate for a big bore application.  




Wood WM8-22X Camshaft

Valve Train Noise: Very Quiet
Cam Lope at Idle: Aggressive
Description: The WM8-22X camshaft made the most torque overall, this cam drives big torque early on and lots of it. Very strong low-mid RPM response. Strong idle lope. 




Zipper's Red Shift 468 Camshaft

Valve Train Noise: Very Quiet
Cam Lope at Idle: Semi-Aggressive
Description: The Red Shift 468 again placed in the middle of our test for both peak torque and horsepower. It has really broad power, nice and flat through the RPM range. It has great idle lope. 




Wood WM8-222 Camshaft

Valve Train Noise: Very Quiet
Cam Lope at Idle: Moderate
Description: The WM8-222 made the best overall peak horsepower. It made less early-mid torque than the other cams, curve is very broad. This cam likes to rev and is also a great cam to build into for future mods such as a 117 big bore where it really shines.  


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